Welcome to the Curiosity Cupboard!

Hello! I’m Anya and this is my new website.

I’ve never set up (or written) a blog post before so this may take some getting used to and might not be what’s expected! Anyhoo there’s nothing quite like a world-wide pandemic and a website provider going bust to provide just such an opportunity. I like to think that I’m up for a new challenge or twenty so here goes……

In 2002 I launched my business. At that time my work was centred around making wire candle holders, chandeliers and decorations all with handmade glass droplets. Over the last 18 years my work has evolved and developed to what you can find on here. Wire working is still the principal material/skill set that I use but I’ll probably talk about that in more detail in a future post.

The Curiosity Cupboard is the name that I give to my studio. In actual fact it’s a 6×10 foot shed that’s bursting at the seams! The shed is not only stacked high with boxes and drawers of materials but also acts as a library, my office and photography booth too! I’ll be sharing some pics, and maybe a video too, of the inside over the weekend on Instagram and Facebook (there are links at the bottom of each page on here)

This site is still very much a work in progress so will be regularly changing for a while. I hope that you’ll come back and see what’s new & maybe there’ll be some more random ramblings on here…..

Anya xx