drifting & pottering…

How is it March already? Spring is suddenly on the doorstep again and I’m feeling a bit like time is running away from me.

The last 12 months have, unsurprisingly, been a tad strange. On the one hand the year seems to have bumbled along like a feather in a breeze and at the same time it feels very much like I’ve lost my footing and fallen into a river; there’s a desperate grasping for a branch to hold on to but I am being swept along with the current. Either way it has continued on regardless!

I spent January berating myself for having ‘wasted’ last year’s lockdowns. I should have got so much done. All that spare time to sort those little things I keep meaning to do! Trying out new ideas in my sketchbook, start blogging, make more clothes, attack the pile of paperwork that teeters on the edge of avalanche in the corner of the studio, read some books, crochet that jumper I started 5 or 6 years ago, exercise…. none of it happened. Not one bit.

So what did I do? I suppose that I just pottered and thought about stuff and pottered some more. I also started to tidy up the workshop (which I’m still doing) and started sifting through every drawer, box and bag of stuff. I did a bit of leaf printing and not a lot of any other making. I finally had the time to stop, let my thoughts drift and work out exactly what I was missing doing and so what it is that I actually like to make. More about that next time!

Rose leaf print on vintage tablecloth.

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4 thoughts on “drifting & pottering…

  1. You have done what I have. I also feel as though I’ve wasted time. Actually the pottering about got things done that needed to be done. Spring is almost here and I think I’m looking forward to making the things in my head!


    1. I completely agree about the pottering getting things done. I think it gave me a chance to let my subconscious sort things out and, although it feels like I did nothing, I’ve actually achieved a lot. And I’m now brimming with ideas in my head too!


  2. I’ve just come across your beautiful work via the Digital Craft Festival. Your thoughts on the ‘wasted’ year ring so true with me too.
    Maybe our roots have grown stronger – unseen but ready to sustain us for what is to come.


    1. Thank you so much! I think that you may be right about stronger roots, I’ve spent the last few weeks planning my ideal workshop layout. In the past I’ve just reorganised boxes, & moved them around on the shelves, but this time I visualised an empty space then drafted where I want everything to go. It’s going to be a major upheaval (I want to paint the walls too) once the weather is a bit more stable but I can’t wait! I feel far more focused then I have done for years!


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